We perform gold, silver, nickel and other plating services.  We also create custom gun related jewelry.  See what we can do for you.

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We stock a few guns and can get most anything, including Class 3 / NFA Items.  Check it out.

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We stock tactical and other gear including JT Defense optic mounts for pistols.  Take a look.

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We stock exotic tactical and self defense ammo in most common calibers.

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Welcome to God, Guns and Gear!!!

God, Guns and Gear is a Christian family owned retailer of guns, ammo, and gear.  We specialize in exotic and self defense ammo.  We have that hard to find ammo such as RIP and Tango rounds and have custom shotgun rounds as well as dragon's breath and other sought after products.

We perform electroplating of gold, silver, nickel and other metals.  We specialize in gun parts but can plate most any fairly small part.  We create gun related jewelry and can custom make your ideas come true.  And we even have silver plated bullets for those pesty vampires and werewolves!

Have you heard about those JT Defense optic mounts for Glocks and Springfields?  Mount a red dot or other optic on your pistol without milling the slide.  Guaranteed to never come loose or lose zero!

We stock several models of guns and can order most anything.  And we have some of the best prices you can find.

So check out our site, visit our eBay store, read our blog, sign up for our newsletter or friend us on Facebook!